Are there even any rumours yet about who's playing this April? Seems it's getting steadily closer and closer .... not that the bands are a whole lot to do with why I go of course, but it's nice to know who one might catch a glimpse of in ones drunken haze...
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Does anyone out there with a reasonable knowledge of Glasgow know what might be a good venue to hold mine & gemlins's Wedding Disco? Hoping that approx. 100-150 folks turn up.... so needs to be big enough for that. Also preferably city centre or close by.
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FAO deeteeuk

Can you contact us re: party ... commenting on LJ will be enough as I'll be reading it all day until 1700. I especially need to have a natter about what might need hiring up here and what you are able to bring (understandably not that much as you aren't coming by car).

Cheers dude, hopefully here from you shortly.

(if anyone else can assist with a current landline to deeteeuk please email me at matthew . lawson @ golds . co . uk (before 5pm), thanks ).
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Happy News!

Hiya folks,

Well , this has been an interesting 24 hours....

Main News!!!! - Lindsay-Jane & I are now engaged!!!! :-)
Not sure when we will have our party for it, but it will be early next year.

Other news , Lindsay now has a LiveJournal of her very own too. She can be found on it as gemlins (not gremlins.... gemlins..)

More as and when it happens.
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Greetings , one and all!

Well , at last , I've actually decided to bother adding an entry here. So , what's been happening to our compadre Matt up in rainy Glasgow?
Well , after a couple of short but sweet temping jobs through the Agencies I have finally landed myself a slightly more permanent job with an affiliated agency conected to the NHS Scotland , as a Systems Operator.. that I started on Monday!! *cheer*

Other news.... We got our WGW November tickets today!!

I'm sure plenty more has happened , I just can't be barsed recounting it all today .